Lat: N51:26:4 (51.4404)
Long: E0:46:7 ( 0.7785)

The weather data available on this website is uploaded directly from a high-quality Automated Weather Station (AWS), situated at Sheerness, on the Isle Of Sheppey, in north Kent.

Cam 1 shows the view north, with panoramic views of the Thames Estuary towards Southend-on-sea.

Cam 2 points to the north west towards the Port of Sheerness, with the Isle of Grain just visible in the distance.

Cam 3 is focused to the north east looking out towards the north sea.

The anemometer (wind sensor) is fixed to the top of IOS Sailing Club's flag mast, one of the highest points in Sheerness.

Data is uploaded to the website at the following intervals:

Most data: 5 minutes
Webcams: 5 minutes
Graphs/Summary/Detail: 60 minutes
Lightning: every minute
Live wind page: every 2 seconds

The bespoke webcams with integrated weather information ('WeatherCams') were created by James Bell, and the project has been sponsored, developed and continually updated by local web design company Designbell.

The system has been in continuous operation since July 2003, and is one of the most popular weather sites in the South East, attracting up to 3 million page views a year.

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2024 Streaming camera trialled.
2018 QB cams discontinued by QHT.
2017 All cams relocated back to IOS Sailing Club.
Dec 2016 One camera relocated back to IOS Sailing Club.
Oct 2016 GH1 added, view courtesy of Minster Gatehouse Museum.
Sep 2016 Mobile site v2 launched.
June 2016 Grid of cameras added.
Jan 2016 QB4 added courtesy of QHT.
July 2015 QB3 added courtesy of QHT.
June 2015 QB2 added courtesy of QHT.
April 2015 QB1 added courtesy of QHT.
Aug 2014 System relocated to CYC.
Cams 4 & 5 added.
Jul 2014 New sailing club committee request removal of the original system, forcing relocation.
Nov 2013 Advanced weather prediction page developed.
Apr 2012 Lightning detector added.
Jan 2011 AIS map added.
Jan 2009 Camera 3 donated by T. Bell.
Tri-view added (replacing dual-view).
Dec 2008 Original weather station broke - replaced with a Vantage Pro 2.
Mar 2008 Dual-view feature added.
Mar 2005 Camera 2 added.
Oct 2003 Online 'WeatherCam' featuring webcam with integrated weather data setup. Funded thanks to a grant from Swale Borough Council on the basis of match funding for the project by Designbell. Believed to be the first sailing club in the UK to feature live wind. Camera 1 upgraded.
Jul 2003 First webcam trialled at IOS Sailing Club.
Trial funded by Designbell.

Funded & supported by:

Designbell 2003 - present: sponsorship of the system. Match funding for the original project. All ongoing design, development, hosting, equipment, programming, maintenance & support costs.

IOS Sailing Club July 2003 - July 2014 / Dec 2016 - present: use of the clubhouse for mounting cameras.

Minster Gatehouse Museum Oct 2016 - present: many thanks to the museum's committee for permission to use the roof for mounting equipment.

Queenborough Harbour Trust / T. Bell April 2015 - 2018: funding & operation of all harbour cams.

CYC Coastal Club August 2014 - 2017: many thanks to the club's committee for kindly allowing weather equipment & cameras to be relocated to their clubhouse at short notice.

Swale Borough Council Sep 2003: Grant funding for the first weather station, on the basis of match funding for the project by Designbell.

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