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The Isle Of Sheppey in north Kent is a unique location with clubs available for almost all types of sailing & watersports. All clubs listed welcome new members.

Dinghy & Catamaran Sailing:

IOS Sailing ClubMembership of Isle Of Sheppey Sailing Club at Sheerness is open to all.

You don't need to own a boat to join. Dinghy sailing is accessible to most people and costs a lot less to get into than you might think. It's also one of the few sports where all ages and both sexes can compete equally. Please click on the link below for further information on fees & joining:

IOS Sailing Club Membership Info & Fees

Dinghy Sailing:

Sheppey Sea Cadets - based at Barton's Point lake, Sheerness

Yachts, Keelboats, Rowing:

Takes place at Queenborough with some additional facilities near the Kingsferry Bridge. Please refer to the following websites for more information:

Queenborough Yacht Club - Yacht Club
Queenborough Harbour Trust - manages the harbour & moorings
Queenborough Rowing Club - rowing
Kingsferry Boat Club - club with private moorings

Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, SUP:

Minster Shingle bank is very popular with windsurfers & kitesurfers. All activities are organised on an ad hoc basis - ie. turn up and go out! Most days there will be several windsurfers out, blasting around at all times of the year. Minster Windsurf Academy teaches windsurfing and has some equipment for hire. Barton's Point Coastal Park also has some boats, boards & kayaks for hire on their small salt water lake.

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