• Watch lightning strikes
    as they happen
  • Requires Java
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  • Loops over the last
    60 mins by default
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This feature requires Java to be installed & enabled.

The lastest Java plugin can be downloaded from:

Unfortunately, Java is not available on iPads or iPhones.

Key: CG = Cloud to Ground Strike, IC = Intercloud Strike. Distance rings in kilometres (km). Data uploaded every minute.

How it works:

Our Boltek StormTracker detects lightning strikes (sferics) up to 600 km (300 miles) away & maps them in real time.

StormTracker works by detecting radio signals produced by lightning (the crackle sometimes heard on AM radio).

Our system is ideally situated as the South East tends to experience more storms than the rest of the UK, and the antenna is mounted high up (15m above the ground).

Data is uploaded every minute (the map refreshes automatically).


Press 'Stop' to see a plot of all strikes over the last hour.

Press 'Run' to play a loop of the strikes over the last 60 minutes animated at a speed of 1 minute per second.


CG: Cloud to Ground (+/-)
IC: Intra cloud strike (+/-)


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