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A work in progress...

IOS Sailing Club:

2016 Opens: 505, Shearwater
2015 Opens: 505, Dart 18/Shearwater
2014 Opens: Cherub
2013 Opens: Asymmetric Open (4000, ISO, Cherub),
Dart 18 TT
2012 Opens: ISO/Buzz/Alto, Osprey
2011 Dart 18 National Championships (78 boats)
Clubhouse improvements: new disabled toilet, men's & ladies changing rooms & toilets upgraded, new hall floor.
C. Goymer: Nat & World Junior Dart 18 Champion.
2010 Award from the People's Millions/Big Lottery Fund of £41,000.
Opens: Osprey
2009 Osprey Southern Area Championships
Opens: Cherub, Dart 18
2008 Opens: Dart 18, Osprey
2007 Opens: Osprey, OK Dinghy
2006 Javelin Nationals
Opens: Laser 4000, ISO/Buzz
Opening of the Sheppey Crossing
2005 WeatherCam: 1-million hits
Opens: ISO/Buzz, Laser 4000
25 year lease signed on 25 April 20051
(1running from 1 Aug 2001).
2004 Construction of Second Swale Road Crossing started
Opens: ISO/Buzz
2003 Profile in Yachts & Yachting (double-page spread)
Online WeatherCam launched (first sailing club in the UK with real-time wind speed online).
2002 Members Toby Orpin & Mike Laming selected for RYA National Youth Squad (Hobie 16)
Reintroduction of a regular racing programme including an evening racing programme after a 6 year break.
Club renamed 'IOS Sailing Club'
2001 25 year lease negotiated in principle
2000 Topper Open
1999 Club came close to closing.
Only year Island Race not organised.
1997 Merger with fishing club
1996 30 year lease expired; 5 year lease granted.
Use of name 'Sheppey Sailing Centre' dropped
One of the first sailing clubs to have a website and Internet presence.
1995 Name Sheppey Sailing Centre used
Comet Nationals
Inaugural Sheppey Freezer event
Osprey Southern Championships
1994 Opens: 505, Topper, Mirror.
Merger with fishing club.
1993 Opens: 505, Sailboard
1992 505 World Qualifiying Open
Sailboard Open
1985 Record Island Race entry of 300 competitors - paddle steamer chartered to follow race runs aground!
Osprey Southern Area Championships
Snipe National Championships
1984 Pinto Cup (Sailboard), first prize £1000!
Opens for: GP14/Laser/Scorpion, Signet
Upper bunk room converted to observation room
Ground floor of building bricked in to form new changing rooms.
1983 Pro Sailboard Open
Opens for: Scorpion/Laser, 505/Osprey, Signet
1982 Opens for: GP14/Mirror, Scorpion/Laser, Signet
Sailboard Championship
1981 Opens for: Scorpion/Laser, GP14/Mirror, Sailboard, Signet
1980 Dufour Wing Sailboard Championships
Opens for: Sailboard, Scorpion/Laser, Fleetwind/Signet
1979 Opens: Scorpion/Laser, GP14/Signet
Construction of the new sea wall around Sheerness finished
1978 Opens: Laser/Scorpion, GP14/Signet Open
Queenborough Yacht Club formed when yacht owning members leave.
1977 Signet Open
1976 505 Southern Area Championships
Opens: Scorpion/Laser/Mirror, Signet
Southern Water Authority starts work on new sea defences.
1975 505 World Qualifier
Mirror 16 Nationals
Opens: Laser, Mirror, Signet
1974 18ft Skiff Association visit "en masse"
505 Southern Championships
Scorpion Southern Championships

Opens for: Signet, Laser/Mirror open
1973 The Club becomes one of the first RYA Training Centre's in the South East.
GP14 London and S.E. Area Championships
Opens for: 505, Scorpion, Signet, Mirror/Moth
1972 505 Southern Area Championships
Opens for: Scorpion, Moth, Minisail, Signet, Mirror
1971 Opens for 505, Scorpion, Mirror/Signet
1970 Opens for: Scorpion, 505, Mirror, Signet
1969 Opens for: 505, Scorpion, Enterprise, Mirror
GP14 South East Area Championship
1968 Open meetings held for: Mirror, Scorpion, and 505.
1967 International Yacht Racing Union choose Sheppey to trial the 'A' and 'B' catamaran designs.
Opens for: Mirror, Scorpion, 505
1966 30 year lease signed
New clubhouse unofficially opened on Sunday 10 April 1966. Officially opened on Saturday 16th July 1966 and described as 'probably the most modern yacht club in Europe'!

The Catamaran Yacht Club move from Minster sea front to ex-Royal Navy gun site of over six-acres at Barton's Point.
1965 New clubhouse completed.
1961 Site at Harty Ferry considered.
Sheerness Council approached with a view to renting or purchasing the proposed Yacht Club to be built at Sheerness.
1960 Kingsferry Bridge opened
The Catamaran Yacht Club founded.
1959 First Round the Island Race held (originated by Keith Broughton, Sailing Secretary at the time).
Notice served by the Admiralty to the Club to vacate the Crundalls Wharf site at Queenborough.
1948 Committee formed to obtain a clubhouse.
1935 Name changed to Sheppey Yacht Club.
1932 Founded* as the Sheerness Sailing and Motor Boat Club.

*new evidence of a well established Sheerness Sailing Club programme from 1896 means we are no longer sure when the club was founded - this is currently being researched.